Oil Paint Mural Painted Inside Hyde Park

south africa’s first oil paint mural

It’s been one of Stefan Smit and Chris Valentine’s greatest honours to be sponsored by Daler Rowney and to be their ambassadors for the Georgian oil paint range and in return, they wanted to create something to showcase their incredible products.

Hyde Park is one of the oldest shopping centres and establishments in Johannesburg with a proud history of supporting the arts, so Stefan and Chris approached them to see if a collaboration would be possible on what might be the world’s first oil paint mural.

September 2019 marked Hyde-Park’s 50th anniversary, and they asked if this could be tied into the mural somehow. So Chris and Stefan took a look through their archives and found some incredible photos of the building site from 50 years ago, but one image, in particular, stood out as it included the most amazing Chevrolet from the 60s that really helped to date the image.

Their friend Ruan Kotze agreed to help put together a video project to document the creation of the mural and with that, they set to work.

Hyde Park loved the mural so much that they also asked the artists to create two massive 2-meter X 3-meter acrylic paintings of the original construction site from 50 years ago!

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