International Public Arts Festival Twenty of the Best Mural Artists from Around the World

Cape town international public arts festival

There’s a first time for everything and for Stefan this came in the form of an international mural festival with about 20 other artists from around the world which represent some of the absolute best the world has to offer from Belgium, France, Brazil, the USA and elsewhere all coming together to add to a growing collection of over 100 murals in Salt River, one of  Cape Town’s less well off neighbourhoods.

This year’s theme was “digitisation” and Stefan chose to portray that through colour. The orange on the left representing the warm familiar world from where we’ve come – books, the written word and the cool blue being the new digital era we’re busy transitioning into and having these opposing worlds reflected on the character is a sense of needing to combine the best of these two worlds in order to move into the future successfully.

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