People of Purpose Group Exhibition

people of purpose

My latest body of work was inspired by an undercurrent of optimism that swept me away in the months leading up to the national elections in my home country of South Africa. In a melting-pot of cultural diversity, with a politically tense history, young people are rightfully looking at themselves as the leaders of tomorrow – with confidence and pride.

My generation of South Africans are incredibly unique in that we have been raised during an era of raising a new democracy. My peers, friends, brothers and sisters stand in positions no one in their families or communities have ever stood in before. They look to the future while they create it. Forging new paths and treading unchartered territories.

a group exhibition with lizamore gallery at jan celliers in south africa

This group show had the core theme of “Optimism” which the entire country seemed to be leaning towards when at the time the nation was on the cusp of a new election.

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