South African Breweries Two Premises, Three Murals

South African Breweries

SAB is Africa’s largest beverage brewer and one of the largest in the world so when Stefan’s good friend and work colleague, Justin Badenhorst decided to bring him in to help complete the new flagship office space in Bryanston for SAB it’s no wonder he was thrilled.

This is still the largest mural Stefan has ever worked on, measuring roughly 1500 square meters.

Justin decided to bring Stefan in again to help paint the bottles for another branch that opened in Sandton and this time it wasn’t with spraypaint but rather acrylic paint and brush to get those ultra fine details! This is pictured in the video and what the footage doesn’t show is just how large the work is with each bottle being the size of a fully grown man.

*Sorry for the poor footage, this was recorded on a GoPro

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