Virat Kohli TV Advert One of the craziest and Most Memorable Projects

tv commercial with virat kohli

This remains one of Stefan’s most memorable and crazy mural projects!

Stefan and another artist were hired to complete four murals within the space of only one week because Virat would only be on set for one day and everything had to be 100% finished before shooting started.

With designs sorted, paint ready and just four days to now complete the massive pieces the other artist pulled out, leaving Stefan alone to complete the big job that lay ahead and to add to this, the location of the filming was set to take place inside an abandoned, derelect bus factory in the middle of Johannesburg city centre (not a safe place) so with two armed gaurds standing by his side at all times Stefan set about painting day and night, sun and rain to get the job done in time and thankfully managed to complete everything needed and Virat Kohli liked the work so much he even asked Stefan to do some personal paintings for him.

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