Framed in a sleek matt black aluminium

“In an era of instant gratification and abundant social connection through tech giants I sometimes feel lulled into a false sense of contentment but lack the real thing, which is why I wanted to make this painting to express the oxymoron in a visual way and to add a small detail that digital media hasn’t gotten right yet, the physical sense of something – with gauged textures and thick paint! It almost yearns to be touched and physically experienced.”


Smit’s second solo exhibition follows on from his first, “CURB” which dealt with our relationship with our urban environments and the strange irony that develops in increasingly larger cities, finding that the closer people live together the further alienated they feel.

Smit has taken careful detail in choosing which subjects to paint by adding another level of complexity to his various compositions, taking into consideration each character’s social structure, hierarchies and inner tumultuous seas or placid pools that spill over into their depicted world.

Bound offers a small glimpse into the world of the chosen subject, like a frozen moment of people watching, that if viewed carefully enough can tell you everything about them.


Dimensions 55 × 2.5 × 36.5 cm

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